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About SUEZ Group

After several years of collaboration, in 2021, Inflowmatix announced its acquisition by global brand SUEZ Group.

SUEZ aim to provide access to essential environmental services for everyone. They supply high-quality water suited to every type of use and ensure the protection of this common good. They recover wastewater and waste to convert them into new resources.

As a committed partner to local communities, industry players, and citizens, SUEZ mobilizes stakeholders to succeed in the environmental transition, developing circular business models and innovating to plan for tomorrow’s challenges.

SUEZ is a worldwide organisation with established businesses, recognised expertise, and world-class sites. 

The acquisition of Inflowmatix will enhance the Group’s broad range of digital solutions with a unique offering to ensure the performance and resilience of water distribution networks, whilst offering Inflowmatix and their clients unrivalled support through their Smart & Environmental Solutions Business Unit. 

Our Services

A SUEZ company


InflowSys™ allows you to monitor pressure within your network, so that you can discover and resolve issues early and optimise the performance of your network. Designed for fast and efficient deployment, InflowSys™ is a cost effective solution designed to give you the insights you need.

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A SUEZ company


arboricity™ is a unique service offering, providing timely, high–quality and trustworthy insights into your network together with tailored outcomes. Our calibrated network models allow higher level automated analytical services to be brought online, increasing confidence in operational decision making and providing actionable insight.

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