Environmental Policy

Inflowmatix Ltd are building the tools necessary to operate resilient water distribution networks that keep users supplied with clean water, permanently. These tools provide water pressure and pipe health analytics to water utilities worldwide, enabling network operators to continuously monitor, diagnose and manage hydraulic instabilities, leading to reduced bursts, leakage and operating costs, while also enabling prioritised network maintenance.

Our technology, designed and manufactured in the UK, spans hardware for data acquisition, software for data management and visualisation, and advanced analytics.

Inflowmatix Ltd is committed to protecting the environment, the prevention of pollution and continually improving and developing our ISO 14001 compliant Management System, which underpins all our business activities. We conduct all our activities in a socially and environmentally responsible way and encourage customers and partners to adopt the same approach.

The Directors of Inflowmatix are responsible for reviewing and setting objectives to ensure proactive and ongoing development. We have identified and are committed to addressing the most significant environmental impacts of our activities and to delivering a positive environmental impact, through three action areas:

Improved data acquisition and analytics to enable our customers to monitor and manage their supply network leading to a sustainable water supply with reduced burst, leakage and cost for the benefit of the end user and the environment.
Reducing the energy consumption of our products to extend their life and reduce the environmental impacts of manufacture and maintenance.

Selection and monitoring of our manufacturing partners to minimise the environmental impact of manufacture and assembly of our products.

Pro-active use of technology to reduce business travel through virtual meeting technology and supporting the ability for remote working, to reduce both time lost and emissions from travel.

All products and services will meet or exceed the standards and compliance obligations as required by our customers and the respective authorities or industry bodies. All staff and those working on behalf of the company are made aware of the aims and objectives of our management system and associated operating procedures, are expected to adhere to its requirements, and are encouraged to suggest ways in which these can be improved.

This Policy is available on request and is reviewed annually.

Dr. Mike Williams

CEO Dr. Mike Williams
Date: 17 May 2022

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