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Sid the Sales Engineer

Full of energy and enthusiasm, a winning mentality but with an inherent ability to secure a complex technical sale.Sid has spent several years honing his skills and is now ready to move to a new and exciting opportunity in the water industry.He is well respected by customers and adept at representing their needs back into the business. He’s also persistent but methodical and knows how to close deals. Sid is also familiar with using process based selling tools such as Miller Heiman or similar. See the full spec here.

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William the Water/Hydraulics Engineer

William understands the dynamics of water… he knows how trunk and distribution systems work and has genuine hands on experience of how to set-up and troubleshoot a network. He has worked either directly in a water utility or at some point in the supply chain for several years learning the hard way and is now looking for the next step in his career progression. William is known for his ability to communicate with others and is someone people call on to help solve problems. See the full spec here.

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Brenda the Back-office support

Brenda likes order, has a strong attention to detail to the extent that when anyone asks her to find something related to a customer or support issue or frankly anything procedural or contractual she’s found it almost before you’ve finished the question… She knows what it’s like to work with a sales force and understands that they’re not always the most organised but she’s persistent and determined and ensures that commercially everything joins up! See the full spec here.

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Neil the Numerical Analyst

When it comes to solving maths problems, Neil’s strengths come to play. His background includes strong skills in numerical optimisation and linear algebra, and he’s dabbled in building and analysing physical or statistical models. Neil uses these skills to solve some of the biggest problems faced in the water industry at the moment, and gets to communicate to a great software team to make sure analytical insight is delivered reliably. See the full job spec here.

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Penny the Python Developer

Penny is a seasoned Python developer. She is a stickler for accuracy, and this allows her to develop well thought out code and integrate complicated backend systems through APIs. She has accumulated a good working knowledge of high profile Python libraries such as Pandas and Numpy. She strongly believes test driven development is key to delivering software that our customers can rely on. She also knows a thing or two about deploying in a serverless environment. See the full spec here.

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Eleni the Embedded Software Engineer

Eleni has a passion for architecting, designing, implementing and testing critical embedded code. Nothing should crash on the hardware her team’s code runs on – but if it does, she’s smart enough to have a trick or two in that code base to recover without losing anything of value. This has come from an unfailing attention to detail, borne out through modern techniques for test-driven embedded development, continuous integration, and integration and system testing. See the full spec here.

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Filip the Frontend Engineer

Filip is so tuned into modern web development that he can filter out the noise that is emerging daily in this space. Filip loves developing enterprise scale, usable, responsive web applications which our clients can access from anywhere on the planet. He is comfortable in his abilities to deliver a great experience to his users by the fact he works in a multidisciplinary agile team where their experience of the domain shines through. See the full spec here.

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Paloma the Platform Developer

Paloma is passionate about building a platform that provides multiple interfaces and points of integration with users, intelligent devices, third-party systems, computational/data analysis engines – the whole kit and caboodle. Paloma is able to interact with the various team members that use this platform as they storm forward together in an agile manner to add high value applications that our Clients need and love. She is comfortable in functional, dynamic and reactive programming just as much as she once was in procedural and object-oriented ways. She understands that today’s cloud based SaaS offerings need to make the most out of every core, Gb of RAM and Tb of disk at its disposal without wasting a drop.

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