What is arboricity™?

Optimise and future-proof your water network, with tailored outcomes and actionable insights

arboricity™ from Inflowmatix, is a unique service offering, providing timely, high–quality and trustworthy insights into your network, together with tailored outcomes. 

Where Inflowmatix high frequency technology InflowSys™, captures and localises significant pressure events within a network using leading edge analytics; arboricity™ enables calibrated, and near-real time maintained hydraulic models as a core element of its service offering. 

Utilising near realtime hydraulic network models allows higher level automated analytical services to be brought online which are cognisant of the hydraulics of the network and therefore not ignored, increasing confidence in operational decision making and providing actionable insights. 

Why does your water network need arboricity™?

Using real-time network modelling and monitoring, arboricity™ produces outputs tailored to your needs, giving you confidence in your network.

  • Benefit from insights at every point of your water network, not just the few points that are measured
  • Fully automated and calibrated real time models
  • Identify anomalous behaviour in a network before they lead to performance issues and mitigate the causes to achieve ‘calm network’ operation 
  • Minimise your exposure to future problems, reduce water leakages, bursts, Non Revenue Water (NRW) losses and fines – helping towards your environmental, social and economic goals
  • Hydraulic models are the primary building blocks towards smart networks

How does arboricity™ work?

By giving visibility across a network, arboricity™ enables you to mitigate problems early, helping you to achieve “calm network” operation.

  • A bespoke end-to-end service providing tailored outcomes and actionable insights
  • We develop calibrated network models for entire networks or selected zones, providing the primary infeeds into what is sometimes termed  a “digital twin”
  • arboricity™ is agnostic in terms of sensor data, modelling software and visualisation service, with the ability to integrate to core client platforms
  • We provide valuable “live” input data for real time modelling applications and scenario planning
  • Acquisition of hydraulic data with high spatial and temporal resolution

“The arboricity™ platform is giving us the ability to understand how our network is performing in a lot more detail”

Jim Barker

Head of Water Resources, Portsmouth Water Ltd

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Portsmouth Water

Portsmouth Water

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Yorkshire Water

When Yorkshire Water experienced instability within a particular area of their network, they used our InflowSys™ devices and data analytics platform to see the exact area of stress and reach a solution before the issue could spread.

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