What is InflowSys™?

Practical solutions for your water network performance challenges

In partnership with our clients, we focus on practical solutions to help optimise the performance of their water networks and thus restore confidence in water. Through our high resolution hydraulic monitoring solution, water companies can focus on prevention, rather than delay intervention and experience catastrophic failure.

InflowSys™ makes this possible. By allowing you to monitor high frequency and highly accurate pressure within your network, you can discover and resolve issues early and optimise its performance. Designed for fast and efficient deployment, InflowSys™ is a cost effective solution designed to give you the insights you need.

“3 billion litres of water are wasted every day in the UK due to leakages. That’s enough to fill 1,200 Olympic size swimming pools”

Why does your water network need InflowSys™?

Water does not have to be unpredictable. We work with clients to provide innovative, data driven analytics and visualisation approaches that offer insights and solutions for irregular network behaviours. This can include:

  • Understanding dynamic pressure variability
  • Localising sources of network variability
  • Identifying transient sources causing network fatigue and burst failure
  • Identifying future potential at risk areas
  • Providing actionable insights leading to reduction in burst rates, leakages and operational repair savings
  • Working collaboratively to achieve network calming

How InflowSys™ works

We use high accuracy, high frequency pressure measurement with intelligent analytics and insights through the InflowSys™ suite, capturing and localising significant pressure events within a network.

  • We deploy an array of smart high frequency pressure measurement devices, sampling at 128 samples/s, 0-20 Bar pressure with 0.1% full scale accuracy and <10ms time stamp accuracy 
  • Intelligent, autonomous, patent protected “edge” analytics including CPIS™
  • Cloud Web application to deliver insights via a network narrative
  • Fully scalable platform for device and data management, basic analyses & integrations

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    Severn Trent Water

    Severn Trent Water

    Challenge Severn Trent Water (STW) is one of the largest water and waste companies operating within England and Wales. As part of their OFWAT commitment to significantly reduce burst and leakage within the current 5 year AMP cycle, they were seeking partners to optimise the pressure management and control within a challenging district metered area […]

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    De Watergroep

    De Watergroep

    Challenge De Watergroep is the biggest drinking water and industrial water company in the Flanders, the northern region of Belgium. They were aware of large pressure transients occurring in parts of their distribution network. As such, they were looking for a partner to investigate the issue using advanced monitoring and hydraulic analysis techniques. Depending on […]

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