Portsmouth Water deploys arboricity™

15 Sep 2021

Portsmouth Water partners with Inflowmatix to deploy arboricity™ at the core of its ‘Digital Twin’ strategy

Inflowmatix has worked collaboratively with Portsmouth Water to provide support throughout the Covid-19 crisis and to strategically develop and trial its new product and service offerings. Providing online, automated analytical tools to monitor critical assets such as pressure reducing valves (PRVs) which feed large pressure managed areas (PMAs) has enabled a substantial improvement in key customer metrics in the first year of the AMP7 period. Both Leakage at 23Ml/d and Interruptions to supply at 2 mins 49 seconds are at their lowest levels in recent history – this being achieved against a backdrop of some extremely challenging supply periods with both Covid and a cold winter.

The Inflowmatix high frequency technology not only captures and localises significant pressure events within a network using leading edge analytics but now enables calibrated, and near-real time maintained hydraulic models as a core element of its arboricity™ ‘service’ based offering. Such models allow higher level automated analytical services to be brought online which are cognisant of the hydraulics of the network and therefore not ignored, increasing confidence in operational decision making and providing actionable insight.

Integrating these models with the Innovyze WS Pro and IW Live core modelling platform has created the heart of a Digital Twin providing live network information at the point of need.

Working collaboratively with Inflowmatix to understand our network in more detail and to mitigate the effects of dynamic pressure variations has proved highly beneficial and has positively impacted our performance in the first year of a very challenging AMP7. We could not have delivered our historically low leakage performance in particular without the timely insight into network performance that working with Inflowmatix gave us. Our strategy to continue to improve this performance relies on harnessing this insight even further and we are doing this by putting a digital twin, using arboricity™, at the core of our operations. We are delighted to be taking this next step of the journey working closely with Inflowmatix

Jim Barker

Head of Water Resources, Leakage and Smart Networks – Portsmouth Water Ltd.

Throughout the Inflowmatix journey, working collaboratively on innovative solutions for our industry has been key. Our arboricity™ offering was conceived from our understanding of customer pains and the value associated with such relief of those pains. Portsmouth Water have collaborated closely in this journey and this announcement is testimony to the innovation of approach, the teams and the technologies.

Mike Williams

CEO, Inflowmatix Ltd.

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