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About Us

Our expertise in the monitoring, modelling and control of water supply networks combined with our knowledge in embedded computing and data management has resulted in the development of integrated solutions for resilient, adaptive and “calm” networks.

Inflowmatix Technology

Our Technology

Our pioneering technology has enabled the world’s most extensive investigation of the occurrence of hydraulic transients (pressure surges and flow instabilities) in water supply networks and their impact on operational and asset failures.

Inflowmatix Team

Meet The Team

We are building a team that has a unique blend of research capabilities, application expertise, technical skills and business innovation in order to deliver turnkey solutions for optimizing the performance of water supply networks.

Our Investors

Inflowmatix’s key investor is Touchstone Innovations. Touchstone Innovations creates, builds and invests in pioneering technologies developed from the academic research. Touchstone Innovations supports scientists and entrepreneurs in the commercialisation of their ideas through the licensing of intellectual property, by leading the formation of new companies, providing investment to accelerate development, contributing with operational expertise and recruiting high-calibre management teams.

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