Who we are

Inflowmatix Ltd has spun out of Imperial College London (InfraSense Labs) and evolved to a thriving technology company. Our investors are Touchstone Innovations and Parkwalk Advisors.

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Meet the Team

What we do

We monitor and analyse the transient and steady-state hydraulic conditions in water supply networks with unique spatial and temporal resolution. The products we offer take the strain off utility engineers and reduce risks when making critical operational and asset investment decisions.

InflowSys™ - our suite of sensing, data management and analytics provides a turn-key solution for unprecedented operational, network and asset performance insights.

A low-cost telemetry device, InflowSense™, which combines breakthrough technologies in low power electronics and signal processing, enables the continuous high-resolution (128 Samples/s) and high-accuracy (0.1%FS) pressure monitoring and analysis. A pressure monitoring device "per street", which also provides high-resolution pressure data, is no longer mission impossible.

Alongside the InflowSense™ device is the InflowNet™ secure industrial IoT data management platform and visualisation application. This platform is highly scalable, secure and fault-tolerant, and capable of managing unheard-of volumes of data for the water industry. On-premise application is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux together with a cloud-based solution.

Our suite of products enables the convergence of continuous asset condition assessments and network performance analyses within enterprise operational technology systems to best support operational and investment decisions for meeting the challenges and opportunities facing the water sector.

Our products are based on world leading research in pressure transients and hydraulic modelling from Imperial College London (InfraSense Labs). We have a highly experienced technical team to transfer advances in research into innovative and scalable commercial solutions for the design and operation of hydraulically calm and resilient water supply networks.
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