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About Inflowmatix

Inflowmatix is committed to helping water network operators control pressures and optimise their services including resilience, asset management, leakage and water quality in order to keep their customers supplied.

By mapping where the customer’s network is most at risk and exposing dynamic pressure variability, Inflowmatix can provide a narrative on network behaviour including events such as pressure surge, unusual usage patterns, negative pressures and asset misbehaviours.

Inflowmatix can also use its unique technology to distill an accurate but simplified representation of the network. This can then be used to inform and implement pressure control strategies across the network.


We offer three layered approaches to solve our customer’s problems:

Core analytics – Our device captures high frequency pressure data and performs edge analytics coupled with device management, data and insight visualisation.

Advanced analytics – Our mathematical engine provides deeper insights into the operation of the network.

Pressure management – The first of our action based algorithms to calm the network using hydraulic principles alongside mathematical insights.

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Our Background

Founded in 2015 as a spin out from Imperial College London, Inflowmatix works closely with water industry specialists, engineering experts, and world-class academics to bring cutting edge research and technology to water utilities around the world that specifically address the challenges in water that we face today.

Our Technology

Our technology spans hardware for data acquisition, software for data management and visualisation, and advanced analytics. Our solutions build on a high speed, low cost pressure sensing device designed and manufactured in the UK to bring insight into pipe failure mechanisms.

Our Investors

Our investors are IP Group, Parkwalk Advisors and Suez Ventures. With water supply resilience under threat due to an ageing infrastructure, rising populations, and climate change, our investors are behind us all the way.