About Inflowmatix

About Inflowmatix, a SUEZ company

Confidence in water

A clean, efficient and dependable water supply is obligatory for our economy and our society

Our vision is to work together with our utility clients and other stakeholders in the water industry to establish and maintain a water supply resource in the integrity and reliability of which all sectors of society can have complete confidence.

Inflowmatix, a SUEZ company, is guided at the highest tier of our management and decision making by world class and pioneering research into water network operation and management.

We listen to our customers’ problems and react in an agile manner to help solve them

We are scientists, engineers and data scientists, coming from a peerless research heritage through our foundations and ongoing relationship with Imperial College London (one of the top 10 universities in the world). 

We have been transforming the water industry since 2015 by designing, building and consulting on the implementation of hydraulic solutions that enable water utilities to monitor, understand and optimise the performance of their networks

“Working with Inflowmatix has significantly helped to understand the hydraulic behavior of part of the Network previously affected by a major mains failure”

Frank van der Kleij

Head of Asset Risk & Planning, Bristol Water Plc

Unparalleled insights into the calmness of a network and a narrative of its behaviours

We believe that whether it’s mitigating the effects of dynamic pressure variations, unsteady network behaviour, or reducing leakage; technology and the insights that can be obtained from data driven analytics are the future for water networks.

Over the years we have successfully helped many clients to monitor their networks and identify and solve problems in near-real time, thus reducing costs, increasing efficiency and helping them meet their targets, including Customer Minutes Lost (CML), leakage and mains repairs.

We are just one component of the solution, however, through the use of our combined hardware and software, InflowSys™, and our data analytics and outcome reporting, arboricity™, we strive to help our clients move closer to achieving their goals.

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InflowSys™ allows you to monitor pressure within your network, so that you can discover and resolve issues early and optimise the performance of your network. Designed for fast and efficient deployment, InflowSys™ is a cost effective solution designed to give you the insights you need.

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About us


arboricity™ is a unique service offering, providing timely, high–quality and trustworthy insights into your network together with tailored outcomes. Our calibrated network models allow higher level automated analytical services to be brought online, increasing confidence in operational decision making and providing actionable insight.

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