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Wessex Water were looking for innovative approaches  for burst/leakage reduction and network control in order to accelerate their upper quartile ODI performance and provide a truly enhanced customer experience. 

To reduce average zonal pressure (AZP) whilst maintaining the networks critical points (CP’s) in an automated manner required the building of a ‘reduced’ hydraulic  network model through accurately computed algorithms using principle variables (flow,  pressure, elevation, HF spacial coverage/sampling) in conjunction with the PRV/ Controller manufacture Cla-Val.  


Post due diligence and planning a number of  InflowSense™ HF pressure monitoring devices were deployed (with GPS measured elevation) linked to the InflowSolve™ data analytics platform and Cla-Val Link2Valves™ platform via the Cla-Val D12 controller (pressure/flow).  

The InflowSense™ devices captured the high-resolution pressure data at 128 samples/ second, significantly higher than standard pressure logger or telemetry data (15 minute average). The in-sights of dynamic pressure  variability and transient sources were displayed to Wessex via the InflowSys™ application immediately post deployment.  

The key data points (pressure/flow/HF data, elevation) were securely captured from the InflowSense™ HF devices and Cla-Val D12 controller from which a ‘reduced’ hydraulic model was dynamically computed to obtain an optimal flow/control curve. This was then automatically issued to the Cla-Val Link2Valves™ platform for client acceptance. From this an optimal  ‘flight-path’ of reduced AZP was created to optimise DG2/3 and maintain the supply of users. 


Using a combination of the total InflowSys™ analytics platform and the Cla-Val Link2Valves™ platforms has provided a clear understanding of the dynamic hydraulic conditions and operation of the network.  The successful outcomes have provided Wessex Water with a clear ‘glide-path’ down to a >30% reduction in AZP/leakage whilst maintaining customer supply.  

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