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14 Jan 2020

Yorkshire Water to deploy 650 InflowSense™ high frequency pressure measurement devices as part of an extended trial of the InflowSys™ Edge platform.

press release jan 2020

Inflowmatix is delighted to be working collaboratively with Yorkshire Water to help deliver their Ofwat leakage commitments as they transition from AMP6 to AMP7 and look to maintain upper quartile performance.

Inflowmatix has developed InflowSys™ Edge which combines high frequency pressure sensors with local analytics capability alongside enhanced data platforms. This system provides water utilities with the insights to better understand the behaviour and the performance of their water distribution networks. As a consequence, utilities can improve their actions on asset management and mitigate the likelihood of failure of critical parts of the network by optimising the overall pressure in their network.

Deployment of 650 InflowSense™ high frequency pressure measurement devices will be rolled out as part of Yorkshire Water’s Intervention Enabling Networks (IEN) project across a significant number of DMA’s (District Metered Areas). The InflowSys™ Edge technology which uses high accuracy time stamped pressure data from the InflowSense™ device not only delivers burst/leak localisation but is critical to accelerate and understand the root cause of high frequency dynamic pressure variations (including but not limited to, transients) in order to fundamentally “calm” the network behaviour.

Yorkshire Water Innovation Programme Manager, Sam Bright, said: “Reducing leakage is a key priority for us at Yorkshire Water and we are excited by the potential of the InflowSense™ devices and the benefits they will bring to the network and our customers.”

Robin Bell, COO at Inflowmatix said: “From the first interactions with Yorkshire Water we could see there was a close match between their aspirations and our unique capabilities. We’ve enjoyed the first stage of our collaboration and look forward to close working with Sam and the team at Yorkshire Water in achieving their challenging objectives for AMP7 and beyond.”

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